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The German Police University is a postgraduate university exclusively for police officers, an Enforcement Agency, and a multidisciplinary research and training institution.

The German Police University educates police officers in numerous subjects, as traffic safety and crime control, and conducts various research programs in order to identify and fathom elementary factors in police labor.

Prof. Dr. Christine Sutter – Head of Institute Traffic Science & Traffic Psychology – and Chief Superintendent Heinz Albert Stumpen will coordinate the project with other partners, organizing the training session in Germany. Petra Kohlleppel – Management Assistant – will support the preparation of the training in Germany.

The German Police University will organize the multidisciplinary training session in Germany and participate as trainer in the training sessions in Portugal and Slovakia (WP4). As well as contribute to Activity 5.1 (WP5), the Website, and 5.2, the Promotion Material, with all other partners, and draft the newsletter to report “crime alert”.

The STRiKE project is funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police (ISFP/2017/AG/ENV/821345)

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The University of Lumerick is the lead institution of the project consortium

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